Origins and values

The story behind Púreo’s project is as simple as unusual and totally out of ordinary.

Púreo took its start from the genuine desire of a father who wanted to offer his daughters a healthy and more nutritionally balanced product in spite of common chocolate or cocoa and hazelnut spreads available on the market. He wanted it to be constitute for the most of juicy fruit he could copiously obtain directly from its raw matter, the orchard he and his family, managed to take care of along the time. And what’s something that everyone, children as adults as seniors, absolutely Adore? Chocolate for sure, an unmissable ingredient for the formula to be considered completed. So, several years ago, he began to experiment, for fun and for passion and continued to experiment and experiment. Many were the attempts as much as the failures but never giving up, in fact perseverance and intuition are those which made the idea come true.

That father is an agricultural expert, a chemical engineer, a multinational manager and a passionate farmer. But he wasn’t alone during this journey; there were friends, entrepreneurs, professionals in the food sector and also small investors, who saw in Púreo a thriving prospect. Little by little, the product gained more and more regard, the company related to its ethic and they thought it could actually be a mature and innovative way to improve their lives.

That’s when they understood they stood up for a common project. Straight after Amosa.Exe was founded, it is, owned by twelve partners, with the intention of making Púreo brand chocolate creams spread available on the market in order to stand out for a new business model, more ethical, sustainable and attentive to the future of the new generations and of people with special needs.

And time a part from nowadays here we are to continue the plot. It will be written by everyone joining the club and everyone that, we hope, will be enjoying the product while reading our little message.

Why is the story of Púreo different from all the others? Because Púreo comes from abundance. Plenty of fruit, available from the many trees planted by every father in every generation. Abundance of love, and for the earth and its fruits. Abundance of passion for healthy eating, teamwork and entrepreneurship. And finally, an abundance of trust in people and in the future ; WE DO BELIEVE IN A BETTER WORLD!


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