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Intense Dark Chocolate and Sweet Gianduia
"Recipe without milk"

Top Line

Immagine Pureo Fondente Intenso

Intense Dark Chocolate Cream, with 25% Extra dark chocolate with 72% cocoa and natural cocoa, is produced using 80 grams of fruit per 100 grams of finished product. Read more...

Immagine Pureo Gianduia Amabile

Sweet Gianduia Chocolate Cream, with 25% hazelnut chocolate and Italian hazelnut paste and natural cocoa, is produced using 65 grams of fruit per 100 grams of finished product. Read more...

Original Line

Immagine Pureo Fondente Original

Dark Chocolate Cream, intense taste of pure dark chocolate, with 61% fruit and without added oils and fats, healthy goodies for all ages! Read more...

Immagine Pureo Gianduia Original

Gianduia Chocolate Cream, realized to give our little ones the first pleasure of hazelnut chocolate, with 25% gianduia, lots of fruit, without additives or preservatives, perfect even for adults. Read more...


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