Púreo without added milk

Púreo creams without added milk have a higher fruit content and a more intense and characteristic taste of chocolate and hazelnuts!

Pùreo Fondente Intenso

FRUIT minimum 80%, CHOCOLATE minimum 25%, GLUTEN FREE.

- "Extra" DARK CHOCOLATE with 72% cocoa,
- Natural COCOA.

Pùreo Gianduia Amabile

FRUIT minimum 65%, CHOCOLATE minimum 25%, GLUTEN FREE.

- GIANDUIA CHOCOLATE with 32% cocoa,
- HAZELNUT paste,
- Natural COCOA.

... always read the labels of our Púreo creams, with advice for better conservation and consumption !

Ingredienti Pùreo Fondente Intenso

Púreo Intense Dark Cream

Ingredienti Pùreo Gianduia Amabile

Púreo Amabile Gianduia Cream


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