The pleasure of pure chocolate with lots of fruit. Healthy and light with no added oils and fats. With pure chocolate, lots of fruit and the intense flavor of hazelnuts. Naturally without preservatives, dyes, acidifiers, antioxidants and sweeteners.
Frutta migliore coltivata in Italia

Every year we select the best fruit, grown in the most suitable Italian regions and
processed using state-of-the-art equipment. Apples and pears are carefully brushed with water and bicarbonate by specific machines and finally rinsed with plenty of running water before being transformed. The aim is to remove all possible traces of external substances, obviously better than we could do at home. The same attention is dedicated to the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo grape, which is selected, carefully washed and used entirely in order to bring the healthy antioxidant substances contained in its skin.

Cioccolato lavorato in Italia

We have chosen as a partner for the chocolate supply a leader in the professional
chocolate market specialize in pastries and ice cream parlors in Italy. The best chocolate is entirely processed in Italy starting from cocoa beans, grown in selected crops, and it is integrated into our spreads at the end of processing, in order to ensure the best persistence of flavors and aromas.

Zucchero di origine italiana

The one sugar used in the formula is withdrawn in Italian sugar beets. Our business policy disagrees the choice of importing foodstuff from long-range from our country when the same ones are available right on our lands.

Latte fresco pastorizzato italiano

For the "Original Line", we have decided to use only high quality, fresh, pasteurized, full-cream milk produced exclusively in Italy, in particular from the processing companies in our area that receive it from the stalls in central Italy. We have totally avoided the use of powdered milk or any milk extracts because we reckon they would have not guaranteed us either the quality or the certainty of the sources.

Pasta di nocciole italiane

The hazelnut paste used in our “gianduia spread” is composed by 100% fine Italian
hazelnuts. The degree of roasting, the grinding and the subsequent refining of the
hazelnuts, give the product an intense and unique flavor precisely for a noble component.

Cacao lavorato naturalmente

Also for the cocoa we have chosen the best, using a mono-origin element from Peru,
processed in the most natural way as possible, without alkalization. The alkalization
process, well-known to professionals in the sector, consists of a chemical treatment using potash during the grinding phase of the beans. The process, even if it’s not harmful to the health of consumers, certainly alters the natural features of the raw material, increasing its yield and modifying its color and flavor. Almost all the cocoa on the market is alkalized. That’s why we stand for the NATURAL one. For this reason, our spreads might not look as dark as we are used to, despite they look lighter, as it is the natural non-alkalized cocoa.


In the “gianduia spread” we add a pinch of vanillina, to better homogenize the taste and make the cream more palatable to children and adults. Vanillina is the industrial 
reconstruction of the main aromatic component contained in the natural vanilla. Which is instead extracted from the berries of the plants grown in the tropical area. Vanilla plants take long to grow strong and have an extremely limited production of  their berries. To compensate the increasing global demand of vanilla, thousands of  hectares of land are keep being planted and cultivated in tropical areas. We therefore  believe that it is a more sustainable and equally safe to use vanillina, whose  production  is based on another vegetable whose food safety is certain. And to  reassure you even  more, we can certificate that the quantity of vanillina used in our spread is very  proportionate and the doses of vanillina are low.


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